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Technical Specification

Technical particulars of our panels are as following: 


 1.1The Panels are rated for 415 V AC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz. 4 Wire system.
 1.2The Panels are designed for system short circuit level of 50 kA for 1 second.
 1.3The Panels are floor mounted sheet steel clad, Single/Double Front, Draw Out/Fixed type totally enclosed dust, damp and vermin proof indoor / outdoor type.
 1.4Mounting Height:Operating Device:1800 mm (Max.)
     :450   mm (Min.)
    Indicating Instruments:2000 mm (Max.)
     :400   mm (Min.)
 1.5‘Reset’ Buttons for Thermal Over Load Relays are operable without opening the door.
 1.6‘Test’ Buttons for Starters are accessible after opening the door, if required.
 1.7Provision for PLC operation is provided Without / With Local / Remote Selector Sw.
 1.8The Panels are designed to ensure safety during operation, inspection and maintenance. All components used in the panel are carefully chosen to meet the system requirement and workmanship is of best quality.
 1.9For easy maintenance, Cables / Wires are marked by destination ferrule numbering.
 1.10For easy identification, field terminals & PLC terminal are provided separately.
 2.1Bus Bar is designed for
  -Rated Insulation Voltage 2.5 kV for 1 minute
  -System Short Circuit Level 50 kA for 1 second
 -Clearance in air of live part
   Phase to Phase 25.4 mm (Min.)
   Phase to Earth 19.0 mm (Min.)
  -Ambient Temp. 500 C
  -Temp Raise above ambient 250 C
 2.2The continuos rating of the main horizontal bus is provided 110 % of Incomer rating.
 2.3Phases are identified by color in each Panel (Red, Yellow, Blue for Phases and Black for Neutral)
 2.4Bus Bar is provided in a totally enclosed compartment.
 2.5Bus Bar is provided with SMC Insulators and COLORED HEAT SHRINK SLEEVE.
 2.6Full Length Earth and Neutral Bus Bars are provided at bottom.
 3.1Main Frame is fabricated with heavy gauge sheet steel profiles minimum 2.56/2mm, door & Covers 2/1.6 mm thick Cold Rolled Sheet, to withstand all static and dynamic loading under various operating conditions.
 3.2Removable hinged sheet steel covers at rear are provided.
 3.3All feeders are compartmentalized type and are isolated from each other.
 3.4Base channel is an internal part of the Panel.
 3.5All equipments are accessible from front.
 3.6Panels are both side extensible.
 3.7Independent Horizontal Wire way at bottom for Panel Cabling & Wiring is provided.
 3.8Cable entry from bottom/top and 2.56 mm thick removable gland plates are provided.
 3.9Color of the Panels is Light Gray, Shade No. 631 of IS-5.
 3.10Doors are provided with concealed hinges for aesthetic appearance.
 3.11Transport unit is not longer than 3.2 meter.
 3.12Each transport unit is provided with removable lifting arrangement.
 We hope that you will find our products in line with your requirement and give our product a chance to serve your organization. We assure you of our best quality at most competitive price. We are also registered with NSIC, which is at par with DGS&D. Please register us in your approved suppliers list and send us your Inquiries / NITs.